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A fully Metaverse with Web2 / Web3 ecomerce and Multi-Chain functionalities

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."


MetaQuantum is a pioneering platform in the rapidly evolving metaverse industry. With a mission to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, MetaQuantum utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as Web3, blockchain, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) to create a digital environment that fosters connectivity and prevents threats to the global economy.

Our Products


Maximize your earnings with the MQM staking platform and earn MQM rewards easily and efficiently.


Explore diverse products, buy with fiat or crypto, enjoy flexible shopping. Your preferred payment, always convenient.


Discover unique digital assets and collectibles in our multichain NFT marketplace. Immerse in blockchain-powered creativity.


Join the MetaQuantum Launchpad, where innovative projects take flight. Shape the future of tech and crypto with us for the next big success.


Revolutionizing virtualization with our app, powered by blockchain and smartphones. Join the transformative Metaverse journey today.


Welcome to QuantumLand, where imagination meets innovation in a boundless realm. Explore, create, and connect in this dynamic universe that transcends physical boundaries. From immersive landscapes to bustling marketplaces, QuantumLand offers endless possibilities for entrepreneurs, artists, adventurers, and learners. Join us in reshaping how we perceive and interact with the world – your metaverse adventure begins here.

Partners & Investors

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About MetaQuantum

The MetaQuantum Roadmap for 2023-2024 reflects our commitment to continuous innovation, user-centric development, and the realization of a vibrant, interconnected metaverse. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the possibilities of virtual reality and blockchain technology.


Q3/Q4 2023:

Presale and Listing: Launching the pre-sale and listing of the token on trading platforms.
Launchpad Launch: Developing and launching our Launchpad platform to support innovative projects in the Metaverse and blockchain.
Classic Marketplace Launch: Launching our classic Marketplace for trading consciously-produced products in an environmentally-friendly environment.

Q1 2024:

NFT Marketplace Launch: Developing and launching our NFT Marketplace, allowing users to buy and sell unique digital assets.
Scanning App Development: Continuing the development of our scanning app for seamless integration of real-world objects into the Metaverse.
Metaverse Development: Focusing on the development of our Metaverse infrastructure and experiences.

Q2 2024:

NFT Marketplace Release: Officially launching the NFT Marketplace, providing a platform for artists, creators, and collectors to interact with unique digital assets.
Scanning App - Test Launch: Releasing the beta version of our scanning app for user testing and continuous improvements.

Q3 2024:

Metaverse QuantumLand - Test Launch: Initiating the controlled test launch of the QuantumLand Metaverse to validate functionalities and gather user feedback.
Preparations for Metaverse and Business in QuantumLand: Providing necessary resources and tools for users to develop their own businesses in the Metaverse and in QuantumLand.

Q4 2024:

50% QuantumLand Launch: Partially launching the QuantumLand Metaverse, gradually expanding availability and functionalities.
Scanning App Launch: Officially launching the scanning app, allowing users to integrate real-world objects into the Metaverse.

This roadmap is a general approach and may be adjusted based on the project's needs and evolution.

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